Professional Services

The Oakville Centre for Cognitive Therapy brings together a group of clinical psychologists, each with up-to-date training and extensive experience in the provision of top-quality cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT) services, psychological assessment services, and psycho-educational assessment services.


 CBT Services

In a respectful, professional environment, patients of all ages—children, adolescents, adults, couples and families—are carefully evaluated to identify the nature and severity of presenting problems. From there, we seek to establish specific therapeutic goals, and to develop empirically-supported (i.e., scientifically-validated) treatment plans. Throughout treatment, progress is monitored to ensure that goals are being met. Following active treatment, patients may schedule follow-up or “booster” sessions to consolidate and enhance therapeutic gains.


 Psychological Assessments

The Oakville Centre for Cognitive Therapy offers psychological assessment services. Using the latest in empirically-based psychometric technology and interviewing formats, we can provide clarity on a range of questions of interest to individuals and/or organizations. Specifically, we can evaluate:

  • psycho-diagnostic status
  • personality functioning
  • vocational interests and aptitudes for purposes of career planning


 Psycho-Educational Assessments

Parents or teachers may seek out psycho-educational assessments for children when there are difficulties and impediments to progress. A good assessment should be an evaluation of both the obstacles to success and the strengths that people bring to the table—which in turn, leads to a set of interventions designed to overcome these obstacles. At the Oakville Centre for Cognitive Therapy we aim to identify solutions.

We are able to work with learning, emotional, behavioural, adjustment and executive areas of difficulty. Our assessment process involves gathering information about presenting problems and current functioning from school and parents, followed by a day of testing. Out of this, a comprehensive report is produced and discussed with parents and, with parental permission, with appropriate school personnel.

Based on our experience, we believe that assessments geared towards solutions provide hope and support progress.